In days gone by, before Conte and Pep, strike partnerships dominated the football landscape.

4-4-2 was the accepted formation for many many years and was embraced by every manager in the land. Footballs early days saw such formations as 2-2-6 or 2-3-5.

Once managers had come to their senses and decided that their teams should actually pass to each other a favourite formation was born, the 4-4-2.

This meant 2 up front was a given for most British teams, sometimes it even worked.

In modern day football, teams will even play without a striker, how they score goals will be a mystery to you when you have read about our perfect pairings.

Here at The Football Report we like our goals to be scored by strikers, this is what they get paid extraordinary amounts of money for, some were worth every penny.

The concept of a deadly duo could well be dying a death. Which makes us ask, haven’t modern managers ever heard of any of this lot?
Peter Beardsley and Andrew Cole

Peter Beardsley was at the end of his career when partnered with Cole but both seemed to get a new lease of life and the pair were unstoppable in the 94/95 season.

Newcastle finished 3rd and between them they managed an epic 55 goals that season.

Cole bagged the majority of the goals but Beardsley was majestic. Playing as a false 9 before they were fashionable, he twisted and tormented defences all season long.

Beardsley’s low centre of gravity and intelligent movement has since prompted comparisons with another little magician , Lionel Messi.

Their playing style and stature are alarmingly similar. You may laugh but check out the old footage and leave a comment if you agree.

Remarkably Cole and Beardsley were separated after just one season together but remain as one of the best pairings of all time.


Dwight Yorke and Andrew Cole

Andrew Cole again,a few years after his record £7,000,000 move from Newcastle. This time paired with Dwight Yorke who many at the time thought was too similar a player to play with Cole.

This indeed came true in a way , the pair formed an incredible partnership that was bordering on telepathic, like twins separated at birth reunited to tear up the Premier League. The two contributed 53 goals between them and were rated as one of the most feared attacking partnerships in Europe

Cole’s cool finishing and Yorke’s finesse terrified defences all season. They finished with an impressive 35 league goals between them.

Cole’s cool finishing and Yorke’s finesse terrified defences all season.

Alan Shearer and Chris Sutton

Shearer and Sutton were part of the house that Jack Walker built in the early to mid nineties. Both were then British transfer record breakers and it was worth every penny.

Blackburn Rovers secured their 3rd league title that had looked extremely unlikely since they won the last one 80 years earlier.

SAS scored 49 goals between them, an impressive haul even when you consider they played 42 league games back then.

Neither were the quickest but both were intelligent and strong with excellent aerial ability.

Walker spent 30 million to put the squad together which wouldn’t win you the Championship these days, even after inflation!

Alan Shearer and Les Ferdinand

As if we don’t see enough if his shiny head on television, here he is again.

Unsurprising really , he is the all time top Premier league scorer and would outscore many a duo on his own.

Les Ferdinand made his name in an overachieving QPR side before making the switch to Tyneside. Any accusations of similarity between the two were quickly squashed with a 49 goal tally.

They bulldozed their way through teams and ended the season on 41 league goals alone.



Robbie Fowler and Stan Collymore

In the 95/96 season Liverpool were spearheaded by Robbie Fowler, a young quick instinctive finisher and Stan Collymore a strong yet agile, British record signing.

Liverpool fans rejoiced as 42 goals hit the back of the net despite the questionable discipline of their strike force.

It wasn’t enough to bring a league title to Anfield but the 4-3 with Newcastle will be remembered as one of the Premier leagues greatest ever games.

Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge

Probably the least popular twosome on our list. Serial chomper Suarez and sick note Sturridge are a handful for any defence on their day.

Serial chomper Suarez and sick note Sturridge are a handful for any defence on their day.

In the 2013/14 season they managed a stonking 53 goals between them despite Suarez serving a 5 match ban.

The intelligence and guile of Suarez and the pace and finishing of Sturridge had Liverpool fans dreaming of that elusive title, unfortunately yet again they fell short.

Suarez has gone on to play with Lionel Messi while Sturridge struggles for fitness but together they were deadly, the first Liverpool duo to score 20 league goals each in 50 years.

We miss the strike partnerships of days gone by, honourable mentions must go to such superb pairings as Henry and Bergkamp, Gudjohnson and Hasselbank, Rooney and Van Nistleroy, Wright and Bright and the ultimate big man little man team of Phillips and Quinn.

These days midfielders and/or wingers are expected to feed off a single striker but to our surprise a deadly duo has surfaced this season to rival them all.

Gabriel Jesus and Sergio Aguaro have been prolific as a trike partnership this season(17/18) when starting together racking up 16 goals in just 8 matches. It remains to be seen if Pep Guardiola will keep them together up top, unfortunately for us his track record suggests not.





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