All football teams have a couple of players nobody likes, think Robbie Savage or Joey Barton.

Players like these have built careers on winding up opposition players on matchday and teammates during the week.

In a large squad of football players, it stands to reason some will not get on, most are professional enough to get over their differences for the good of the team.

These hotheaded lunatics could not rise above the anger and sank low enough to physically attack each other.

Why can’t everybody just get along!

Joey Barton vs Ousmane Dabo

It’s no surprise Barton is always angry, have you see his betting record?

Poor Ousmane Dabo was said to have looked like the elephant man after an altercation with the rabid dog that is Joseph Barton.

Barton was charged with actual bodily harm and received a 4 month suspended jail sentence, Dabo received a very sore head and a trip to the hospital.

Graham Le Saux vs David Batty

One was a so-called football hard man, the other was a cherub-faced graduate. The classic matchup of brains vs brawn.

This battle of wits was a strange one for the fact that it happened just 4 minutes into a match.

Surprisingly it was Le Saux who was the aggressor but managed to come off worse by breaking his hand on Batty’s sizeable head.

Stick to attacking the books, Graham.

Eyal Berkovic vs John Hartson

Big John Hartson is a bit scary, isn’t he? The wild Celtic eyes, the icy glare, the half a head missing.

credit – Scottish sun

Hartson has bravely beaten cancer, we are fairly sure that a bloke of Eyal Berkovic’s stature doesn’t bother him.

During a West Ham training session Hartson landed a challenge that left Berkovic on the floor, John saw nothing wrong and rushed over to pull him to his feet but Berkovic had already lost it. The tiny Israeli aimed a punch at Hartson that can’t possibly have done any damage, even so, John kicked him in the teeth just to put him in his place.

Craig Bellamy vs John Arne Riise

Another wild-eyed Welshman who takes no prisoners.

Craig Bellamy went for seemingly passive Riise while on a ‘team bonding’ trip to Portugal. This came the morning after a late night karaoke session where rumour has it Riise refused to sing backing vocals on Bellamy’s booming rendition of Delilah.

This time weapons were involved, Craig’s weapon of choice was a golf club which Bellamy pretended to swing during a celebration after scoring in the Nou Camp just days later.

credit Talksport
Lee Bowyer vs Kieron Dyer

If for some reason anyone ever asks you to explain the meaning of handbags at dawn just point them in the direction of this clip.

Kieron Dyer’s injury record is terrifying and so are Bowyer’s teeth but physically and mentally neither would scare anyone over the age of 5.

Instead of keeping their frustrations under wraps, they decided to go at it in front of 55,000 embarrassed Geordies and millions watching on TV. This could easily have ended with extra gaps in Bowyer’s smile or a year out injured for Dyer. Thankfully neither were remotely close to being hurt.

credit – Daily Mirror





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